26 July 2006

In praise of LibraryThing

I know i go on about it, but i love this website, my Obsessive-Compulsive streak must be stronger than i thought.
But this website has really turned into a daily visit for me, not only have i been putting there ALL my books, but i'm also placing my RPG Books, my Comics Trades, my too big Cartoons Books collection and now my very few Crafts books.
It is a constant work in progress because sadly i do not have all my books with me, but i don't mind, the process is too much fun to hurry it along, and i have been savouring it. (Mental Note: i can't believe i just wrote this, must find professional help)
Still LT is a work in progress, and lately it has grown to include new programmers that have increased to it's already impressive diversity of options, new tools, i always get excited when i see a new post in their Blog because it usually means a new feature and i'm very impressed with the one they released today: Groups.
So what is a Group in LT you might ask?
Anything you want it to be, it allows independent users to combine their catalogs. You can join up with others who enjoy the same kind of books you do, or you can create a personal group and invite all your friends so you can have your very own Friends Library :).
To start up on this new concept i created BookCrossing Portugal a group dedicated to all BookCrossing members in Portugal, don't be shy, join in.
To know more about LT refer to my post about it (in Portuguese, sorry): here.
For everyone else you can Take the Tour from LT, which is incredibly fast and as equally informative: here.
Also my LT link to my Profile and my Catalog, you can also check out my Stats.
Happy Cataloguing and Reading!


  1. Quero é saber quando é que podemos acrescentar mais funções nos registos. Quero funções para os autores, especialmente para as bds, dava mesmo jeito (ter writer, penciler, inker..) Isso sim, ficava um catálogo excelente!
    E para quando a inclusão da Bib Nacional?

  2. Como é que me junto ao grupo? é que ainda não sei mexer em nada do librarything :(

  3. Ou fazes accept invitation na mensagem de convite ou vais até á página do grupo e do lado direito tens: Join this group (caixa imediatamente abaixo da caixa de Search)