27 May 2011

Magic Slays Giveaway!

For those of you who don't know me, the Kate Daniels series are some of my all time favourites series. I reread bits and pieces of them whenever i'm in a slump, try to make everyone i know read them, and suffer incredible melodramatics for the whole month before the next instalment comes out (a big hug for T. who ends up being the only one who puts up with me during these very trying times).
This month was going the same way, except i was convinced i wasn't going to get the book by the release date and would have to buy a ebook copy on the launch day (like i had to do with Magic Mourns and Magic Bleeds), so imagine my surprise when through what was apparently a bug in a database i yesterday received multiple copies of Magic Slays (release date next tuesday), so i've decided to spread the good luck!
This is a giveaway for a copy of Magic Slays by Ilona Andrews (according to the authors this is a good entryway into the series).
Contest is open until Sunday (29/05/2011) and open to everyone, to enter leave a comment saying which novel\novella you preferred in the series and why.
Winner will be decided by random number generator among valid entries and announced next monday (30/05/2011).


  1. My favourite so far is Magic Strikes (the 3rd in the series). It has a good action flow, and it develops a lot of characteres we met previously. I love all the Curran-Kate sexual tension/teasing, and how Kate's past starts to come in a collision course with her life.
    Thanks you, S., for showing me a great series!

  2. Seems like I'll be the first one to enter! :-)
    I'm very behind in this series but my favourite one (and only one until now) was Magic Bites where we meet Curran. I mean Kate is an awesome heroine but Curran is such an attractive hero, we just want more scenes with him.

    Thanks for having this contest!

  3. Magic Bleeds is my favorite right now. Honestly each consecutive book from the series becomes my favorite, as we learn more about the characters and their relationships expand. But I love them all!

    Thanks for the chance to win the latest release!

  4. Magic Strikes. I love that His Furriness came and rescued kate and that she risked herself so that the others would live in the first place. it's just adorable! and the phone conversation for $10 isn't so bad either. ;D

    Thanks for have such a fun contest! <3

  5. Magic Burns was my favorite, I think, because I was so excited that Curran showed some tiny smidgens of romantic interest (besides just creepily stalking Kate's dates, that is). Of course, once I get my hands on Magic Slays, I expect it will be my all time favorite book for about two or three weeks, at least.

  6. I love the whole series, but my favorite so far is Magic Strikes. I loved the action and the interaction between Curran and Kate. We also got to know the other characters much better. Oh and we were introduced to Dali :). Plus more of Kate's powers were revealed.

  7. Anonymous27/5/11 19:29

    Oh my, Magic Burns or Magic Strikes. I love Julies' intro in magic burns, and Andrea. I love the drama and action in Magic Strikes. I love all the books though (the edge as well!)

  8. I loved Magic Bleeds, that sword fighting with her auntie in the snow so reminded me of Kill Bill :) Thanks for the awesome contest!

  9. And this is done!
    Going to sort through all 8 entries!

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