01 April 2011

Currently Reading Challenge 2011 - The Update

An Update to the Challenge, because everyone thought that the challenge was too hard, and they were right, i'm a moody reader and well things really haven't been happy and cheery lately.
So the Challenge will now last for the whole of the year and these will be the terms, for each 2 books in my Currently Reading List that i complete (either by finishing the book or dropping it for good) i get to start a new one as a reward, i HAVE to read the new one (this part is going to be tricky) and finishing the new one does NOT accumulate to the total of reads, so i only get rewards for finishing books i've started reading before February 2011.
We'll see how it goes for now, i've already completed 6 books, which awarded me the right to read 3, but i got carried away and read 4 (although in my defense 3 of those should count as one, Madeline Hunter's books always seem to be the same book, the difference is the historical setting passing by, and one of them was really awful...), so i have to finish 2 other books before moving on! Well wish me luck!

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