01 February 2011

Currently Reading Challenge 2011

A lot of my friends do Book Reading Challenges, and while i agree that most of them sound really fun and i always wish i'd participate in some, i'm just not a good reviewer, so my participation always falls a bit short.
This year a friend did a bit of a different challenge, we were not supposed to buy books during the whole month of January, i failed the challenge because i stupidly assumed it would last 3 months, not just the one and i broke down and made 3 pre-orders 2 days before the end, very stupid...
At the same time i started thinking, these challenges are supposed to help us with our reading, and what is my worst problem?
I get distracted too easily, so i end up leaving in the middle of a book, all the time, i may read 60% of the book in a seating and then i never pick it up again. It might have to do with the book not being good, or not.
Usually my biggest problem is the lull, every book has a lull, it's that time just before we head towards the end of the book, it's usually like 80% through or just 20 pages away from the end, but i just drop it, pick another one up and leave the books hanging for years...
And so i find myself currently with roughly speaking 100+ Currently Reading titles, these are books of which i've read more than one chapter and at some time dropped them like a ton of bricks, except i could build a house with all those bricks.
And so without further ado i explain, The Challenges:
For 3 whole months, from the first of February until the end of April i CANNOT pickup a new book, no exceptions! Unless i somehow reach the end of pile first (Ha! Ha! oh i'm so funny...)
The List (not complete, follow the link for a better idea):

Sandra's bookshelf: currently-reading


I will update the results as i go, i will try the upmost to make at least a small commentary on the book if i can, but i make no promises, let the games begin!

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  1. Anonymous16/2/11 16:07

    Boa sorte! inspiraste-me a pegar nos meus livros meio abandonados tb. Embora discorde do lull, ou pelo menos comigo é no inicio ou logo a seguir, e não no final.