22 October 2008

7 things about me

Dared by M.

The first thing i have to do when i get up in the morning is head to the bathroom, i'm not human or even concious before my shower. In fact i am so obsessed with my morning shower that i panic with the possibility of not taking one.

I eat when i'm nervous, unless i'm too nervous, because when i'm too nervous or upset i can't eat (or have coherent thoughts for that matter).

I hate pressure, pressuring me to do something will only make is worse.

I'm a lurker, i love lurking by other people's photostreams, blog posts, well everything really, i explore all links and ideas, the more people show of themselves online the more i follow. It's why i have so much of myself online, also i enjoy going back a year in my life and trying to figure out what i was up to then.

I need me time occasionally, when i get the chance i walk between places while listening to music. Most times i end up feeling i could walk forever and i don't want to stop.

I'm horrible with numbers, i can't memorize them and i get stumped with the simplest calculation, i also freeze when asked left of right.

I was once told that the numbers people most often think and find are 7 and 9, i do have a lot of 7s and 9s in relation to me, funny how 7 is also the number with most combinations with 2 d6s.

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  1. Já respondi a este meme duas vezes ;P
    Aqui: http://livroemflor.wordpress.com/2007/06/26/the-7-random-thing-meme/
    Queres que "poste" outra vez?

  2. are you sure!?!?!?! :)

  3. a menos q sintas a necessidade de o fazer outra vez! :P