24 April 2008

My Tweets for the day

10:13 Went to Pecha Kucha Night Lisbon yesterday, i feel exhausted but at least this time i got to sit down! #

10:13 Happy World Book Day!!! #

10:14 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds @ Coliseu Lisboa (2008-04-23) Photos in: www.flickr.com/photos/escalla/sets/72157604670759546/ #

13:46 I'm not sure how but i just signed myself in a gym... i must be in an alternate universe or something #

16:44 Pecha Kucha Night Lisbon #4 Photos up flickr.com/photos/escalla/sets/72157604690866100 #

19:04 Work day over, going to buy a Western Spageti for my dad and a book for me, Happy World Book Day folks #

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