28 January 2008

Comics and Books Update

On books i'm currently reading The Other Boleyn Girl, even though the historic facts... sigh... but i've just convinced myself that it's a medieval novel and it's not based on true facts at all and all the names are coincidences.
One thing i'm still slowly reading since last year is the Manga Death Note, if you like a good thriller with lots of twists, drop any novel you're reading and either watch the anime (it's shorter but still good i'm told) or really take the effort of reading this.
I hate to admit that i'm actually enjoying the Messiah CompleX plot, it's the first notion of any direction since the whole damn M-Day idiocy, i'll be sorry for the changes though, New X-Men which was the comic i was ready to drop from the beginning ended up being one of my favourite monthlies, somebody should keep that inker and just fire the kid-killers, also the whole staff changes should exclude Humberto Ramos (i just guess i'll have to start buying Runaways Monthly) and Chris Bachalo, oh well time will tell if this will be good, but i've really twisted my nose at the whole X-Men: Legacy idea of Carey, damn the man, why is it that every time he does something i like he just has to twist it into something just plain ugh, and the X-Force idea, i hate to admit it but it does sound cool, The Black Ops X-Men, it's so lame 90s. And the part that's really scaring me... WE... sigh...
Oh well, this already ended up being much bigger than it was supposed to be, time to go get ready for work.


..."Messiah Complex" is a very simple story that sets aside any pretensions of depth to give us brightly-coloured characters hitting one another for three months...
This isn't a classic story. But it's a fun story, and one that's addressed, if not fully solved, the X-Men's lack of direction over the last couple of years.
X-Men 207 Review by Paul of X-Axis
Thank you Paul for summing it up!

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