06 August 2007

Book Help

One of the things i have yet to mention about my Rome trip is that i will spend 13 and a half hours in airports and air planes. 6 of which i'll be alone (as alone as one can get in an airport).
The first time i travelled i arrived 7 hours later due to security issues, which allowed me to enjoy the airport and the whole process as much as i could (this was sarcastic in case you didn't notice).
In that situation i realized the importance of being prepared (finding electricity outlets and being able to sit on a floor for hours are very important skills). So i usually take a magazine (Total Film is the only magazine i regularly buy), my Nintendo, my MP3 Player, a Moleskine to write on and a book, now i doubt i'll have time (or patience) to look for bookshops in Italy, so i'll definitely have to go book-equipped for a 13 and a half hour travel, not to mention the 6 days in between.
People i need to know what to take, my reading has been bad and sporadic, i need something that will catch my attention or i'll just half-read through a whole pile and feel really bored and annoyed at myself. As usual here are the links for my Reading and TBR pile.
Please help me, i know i can count on you folks!!
Edit: For those of you curious why the trip is so long, i'll be going from Lisbon to Munich (which takes roughly 3 hours) and then from Munich to Rome (an hour and a half), the remaining 4 and a half hours will be transiting between flights...


  1. leva um livro de origami e muito papel ;)

  2. Do reading, aconselho o smoke&mirrors, contos é sempre bom. Aconselho tb o forgotten beast of eld, porque (Acho) é mesmo o teu estilo e o livro é pequenino e mesmo atmosférico e intenso. do TBR talvez algum Pratchett?

  3. Pois, mas qualquer um dos dois já está a meio, o Forgotten Beast of Eld tem sido o livro q tem andado comigo, estou quase a acabá-lo.

  4. 13,5h em aeroportos e aviões? Mas tu vais via Austrália ou quê?? ;)
    Eu acho que de leitura o melhor é serem coisas levezinhas. De qq modo se tiver tempo ainda vou espreitar as tuas "pilhas" :)

  5. if you don't mind chick lit, i've always found that genre very entertaining and easy to read. =) or an equivalent would be a good children's novel.

  6. Só conheço o Middlesex e aconselho :) Espero q não seja demasiado absorvente p te permitir apreciar a viagem!