25 May 2007

Summer Reading Challenge: Round 2

Summer Reading Challenge

All readers of all levels and genres are welcome to the summer reading challenge. The idea is to create reading goals all your own and post here your challenge, your reviews and recommendations as well as your success and failures. The Challenge begins JUNE 1 2007 and ends August 1, 2007.

Some examples of challenges are:
1. Read all the books on your book club list
2. Read only fiction or nonfiction or poetry or....
3. Read one author all summer
4. Pick a random shelf at your local library and read the books from it
5. Read all those books (or some) you always wanted to read
6. Read one book for one challenge (there are many online groups and different challenges)...

This sounds really interesting, but i have no idea what my challenge would be...
So what i say is, YOU challenge me, make a challenge for me to follow during these 3 months.


  1. Epá, isso tenho de pensar :P
    Mas olha que não são 3 meses, são 2. Eu também cometi esse "erro" ;o)

  2. Que tal acabar metade dos livros na lista dos que tens começados e nunca acabados? :-P

  3. LOL eu concordo com a Ana :-)