24 April 2007

Book day 2007 - The Aftermath

Well i left work yesterday convinced that i would not buy a single book, i would be strong!
A friend had reminded me how just last week i had mooched not one but two books from two authors whom i had never read:

The Forgotten Beasts of Eld by Patricia A McKillip

The Gormenghast Trilogy by Mervyn Peake

So i left for Fnac to shop a birthday gift for my dad, convincing myself that i wasn't cheating and actually succeeding in doing so. I found the gift easily and did not even avoid a little book browsing, some interesting tidbits but nothing really to catch my attention.
I was in line to pay, i was in the clear, as i look at the other lines around me, on World Book Day i see not a single book on anyone's hands... Not one!
I am astounded!
I am outraged!
I cannot believe my eyes so i look again!
Not one!
I see DVDs, computer supplies, CDs, i do not see a single book.
Something inside me breaks as i step up to pay, i apologize, get out of the line, rush to the book section and look around frenetically, i look around at the Penguins, i think of picking up Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoi, it's a classic and i never read Tolstoi, but it hits me that i'm cheating again, i'm looking for a quick fix for my bookshelf, not a book i'm planning on reading now (although i am having second thoughts and i think i might buy it next time).
I look again and there it is, i avoided it when they read it together because i wasn't much inspired but the idea did grow in me, and i was needing to read something different. Light literature didn't get the effect of me reading more, so let's try something really different. So i brought it, as i picked it up the thought: "There don't worry! You're not staying behind! It's Book Day, i'm saving at least one of you."
Crazy it sounds, and it truly is, but i am enjoying the book, i'm on page 79 (which considering my current reading schedule is a lot). And i recommend it!
Which book is it you might ask?

Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides

Edit: And i forgot, i'm also in the middle of 3 book auction on ebay, i'll post them here tomorrow whether i win or not!


  1. Ena! Adorei esse livro. Espero que desta vez consigas acabá-lo :p Este ano está a correr-te muito mal :(

  2. Também tenho o Forgotten Beasts of Eld para ler. E espero que tenhas sorte com o Middlesex, eu adorei o livro, foi um dos melhores do ano passado! :-)

  3. LOLOL
    Realmente, é estranho ninguém estar a comprar livros. Enfim...
    E olha, eu li a Anna Karenina, ou melhor, li 400 págins, as últimas 200 folhei. Acho que o middlesex é capaz de ser mais interessante. :P

  4. O Middlesex é muito fixe, fizeste uma boa compra ;)

  5. pois eufui ao Instituo franco-português, que estava a oferecer livros e consegui conter-me.
    tambem já não havia grande coisa:p

  6. Não lês nada, mas não páras de comprar livros ;P

  7. Li esse livro tb no ano passado e adorei! Espero que te ajude a "desemperrar" ;) Bjs.