18 December 2006

5 About: #1 Hot Things

About: Hot Stuff
My Answer to the 5 About challenge, to find out more click the #5 above.

#1 My Cat

When thinking about hot things the first thing that comes to mind would be my adorable kitten, she's been with me for 14 years and has shared my bed for that time. I cannot sleep properly without her and i can always tell when winter is coming by the way she constantly seeks my lap.

#2 My Heater

This is one of the little tools that helps me get up at morning during the winter, i cannot even consider undressing for my bath without this little thing blowing my way. Also it's great for when my cat goes into "cold madness".

#3 Hot Showers

I cannot get up in the morning at all without a hot shower, be it winter or summer i do not even become human and communicative in the morning without standing under hot water for some time.

#4 My Coat

I bought at couple of years ago at H&M but i love it, it's so warm and it has saved me from rain on numerous occasions, never leave home in the winter without your coat.

#5 Tea

I love tea, and when thinking about hot things, tea definitely comes to my mind.


  1. Raios! Eu também me tinha lembrado do banho! :op

  2. Olha! Mais uma "chalada" como eu! ;)

  3. Nada como uma gatinha quentinha :)