14 November 2006

Goodies from S. Paulo

My friend T recently went to S. Paulo, of course i had to beg her for Origami Paper, apparently it's quite common there. Being a too good friend she had to bring back some adorable mini Hello Kitty auto-stampers (Hello Kitty and Stamps, two obsessions in one), according to her S. Paulo would be a dangerous city for me, at least Hello Kitty-wise.
She also brought back my wonderful Mascot-Ball made by Madame Trapo. Leo is my horoscope sign and i just couldn't resist the little bugger. I love her work and also the little stories she writes to add character:

The little lion is a bit lazy, and loves to sleep belly up in the sun.
Per suggestion from T:


  1. Tudo lindo! e o leãozinho tinha que ser ter ( e agora essa música não me sai da cabeça, urgh!)

  2. Ah! Só coisas lindas :)