24 May 2010

My Tweets for the day

  • 10:38 @bnoir i think she's actually one of the few well done versions of the "Too Stupid to Live" stereotype bit.ly/cNAViq #
  • 10:39 @SafaaDib apanhei um bocado daquilo no outro dia, é impressão minha ou aquilo acaba tipo BSG? #
  • 11:06 @SafaaDib e isto de apanhar um bocado na cozinha enquanto q o B estava a ver, sem falar q mommy issues... please... #
  • 11:07 @bnoir it actually makes sense for her character to be like that, also the combat sequences get much better on the sequels #
  • 13:19 oh and one day... going into meltdown... #
  • 13:56 Dispatched!!!! #
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