17 March 2010

My Tweets for the day

  • 23:00 BlogPost My Tweets for the day bit.ly/d4rGzZ #
  • 10:11 New Predator movie by Rodriguez, with Adrian Brody... weird, but they do have puppies! #
  • 10:30 the 3 books i most want to read this year are coming out on the same day 05/25... What do i do if they actually arrive at the same time? #
  • 10:32 so i just pre-ordered the 3rd to make things even, it's a race boys, came to mama, 69 days... #
  • 13:45 I'm at Paixão dos Petiscos (Rua Alexander Fleming n. 9 C, Lisbon). 4sq.com/al8oOd #
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