17 September 2009

From Twitter 09-16-2009

  • 04:43:57: BlogPost From Twitter 09-15-2009 http://bit.ly/jyATb
  • 08:40:45: On the Edge is on the way! *goes insane* it has a pirate comic book shop owner, it just makes so much sense!
  • 13:38:02: lol organizing my shelves in GR and i order 3 books... grumble grumble, after yesterday ordering one... but now i have a ordered GR shelf...
  • 15:53:27: @syrinpt dos 90s?
  • 16:01:41: @syrinpt i has one!!
  • 16:02:39: @syrinpt acho q ainda anda toda a gente a recuperar do Patrick Swayze
  • 16:05:43: @syrinpt i don't think we can fit in there...
  • 16:07:19: @syrinpt no idea, mas eu sempre associo os dois, para mim não é assim tão bizarro

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