01 September 2009

From Twitter 08-31-2009

  • 03:44:18: BlogPost From Twitter 08-30-2009 http://bit.ly/3J93i
  • 09:26:54: LoudTwitter has been back for some time, now if only i could remember what was the other service i'm currently using to post to my blog...
  • 09:28:51: also we're having a Hadashi de Bara wo Fume marathon... oh boy...
  • 10:46:53: @SafaaDib @dragaoquantico eu devo ir á Tertulia, algum de vocês vai?
  • 11:17:08: @SafaaDib yeap já falei com o R, eu não fui o mês passado por puro esquecimento, por isso este não falho! :P
  • 13:58:17: http://twurl.nl/p3wezx Why Meg Cabot is my new hero!!!
  • 15:11:13: http://bit.ly/cNYrA oh well nothing really amazing here, since WB bought DC...
  • 15:31:35: @syrinpt WB comprar DC, please! e td isto para fazer desenhos animados do batman lol
  • 16:36:33: @terpsicore vais amanhã á tertulia?
  • 19:50:05: RT @warrenellis: PLANETARY #27: The Preview. http://bit.ly/2I5BPV out this october! *faints*
  • 19:53:50: RT @warrenellis: so I got this phone call from Joe Quesada and it was just the sound of him rubbing himself with money and now I am confused
  • 19:54:06: @Escalla true story!
  • 20:11:54: RT @DrPuppykicker: Who cares? Any and all future Punisher movies will still suck. #disneybuysmarvel True Story!
  • 21:31:48: Trying out the new tube connections! I've been waiting for this since 1998!!!

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