09 April 2009

My Tweets for the day

  • 23:39 Swab results came back! Scary "go to your doctor right away and do lots of painful exams" i really hate my life right now! #
  • 23:40 @ilona_andrews wow! That rocks! #
  • 23:41 @smpb open to lots and lots of formats. Wait until you see the comic book photo! #
  • 23:42 @syrinpt isso n anda bem! #
  • 23:42 @syrinpt you can change it to only update reads #
  • 23:51 just googled the exams that's something you really should never do! fuck i can only go to my doctor on monday! not sleeping tonight... #
  • 00:23 BlogPost My Tweets for the day tinyurl.com/cuhwgu #
  • 02:16 I'm sorry about all the previous posts, i really should delete them, this is not the place for this... #
  • 09:31 @wedschilde oh don't be, one can never have enough! #
  • 10:00 @dragaoquantico yeah i know! it's just that i feel that my life turned into an episode of house... #
  • 11:11 Photo: Sony Reader PRS-505 bit.ly/2tbYn #
  • 14:25 @ilona_andrews Good Luck with that! Never worked for me #
  • 14:35 @syrinpt nao consegues mudar a hora? #
  • 14:37 @terppsicore don't forget tomorrow Che II! #
  • 14:43 Going to have the afternoon off! No use worrying much! It will be ages until i know anything for sure! Happy Easter folks! #
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