02 April 2009

My Tweets for the day

  • 01:11 BlogPost My Tweets for the day tinyurl.com/cd88xo #
  • 14:53 @dragaoquantico definetely up to it! o B anda-me a partir a cabeça! Este mês achas que ainda dá? #
  • 14:53 @SafaaDib então n funcemina!! :P #
  • 14:54 @smpb he'd hate it more if it was a live puppy, the man does hate dogs! #
  • 14:57 ok i'm not happy with my current twitter app! i've been using Thwirl but my work pc doesn't agree with it! what do you use? #
  • 15:01 @smpb projects.metafilter.com/1474/Twitter-Theater-Fight-Club i think it's dead! #
  • 15:03 @smpb i'm trying out TweetDeck, it seems much stabler, i do like twhirl, but my graphic card at work is just so shitty #
  • 15:27 @smpb never much liked twitterfox... #
  • 16:03 @dragaoquantico is that a dragonball character? #
  • 16:28 @smpb trying to buy a new camera? what's wrong with the ol' xs100 #
  • 16:36 @dragaoquantico and i thought i wasn't photogenic... #
  • 16:38 @smpb lol only you would call that thing a compact, but i get what you mean :) #
  • 16:41 @smpb yeap that's the reason why i bought it too, but for me at least that's really as far as i'm willing to go! #
  • 17:33 @syrinpt não pode! #
  • 17:33 @dragaoquantico e agora mudaste para a disney, n percebo... #
  • 17:40 @terppsicore continuo a dizer que não pode! #
  • 17:58 @xenijardin sniff no fair! now i want Unicorn Chaser drink with extra sprinkles!!! #
  • 18:10 most ridiculous iphone use so far? Remote for iTunes, when i'm sitting in the computer, just because i really hate looking at iTunes... #
  • 18:16 and iTunes crashes!!! :headdesk: that's it i'll just use the iphone then, sigh! #
  • 18:37 Going home! Actually going to buy comics, then going home! sigh 2 months without comics... where did time go... #
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