03 December 2008

Bar Animado

Yesterday was the last "Bar Animado" hosted by Fernando Galrito at Teatro Maria Matos.
It was an amazing selection of films and i'm sorry i only learned of this event recently. Below is the list of the movies with links whenever possible.
Fantasmagorie by Emile Cohl
Blinkity Blank by Norman McLaren
The Flying Man by George Dunning
O Porco-Espinho no Nevoeiro by Yuri Norstein
A Child's Metaphysics (info link only) by Koji Yamamura
The Man with the Beautiful Eyes by Jonathan Hodgson
Dreams and Desires: Family Ties (only a small clip) by Joanna Quinn
L'homme aux Bras Ballants by Laurent Gorgiard
Estória do Gato e da Lua by Pedro Serrazina
Manipulation by Daniel Greaves
Changing Evan (small clip) by Steven Woloshen
Abraço do Vento by José Miguel Ribeiro

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