11 November 2008

My Tweets for the day

  • 00:29 BlogPost My Tweets for the day tinyurl.com/6zm6q5 #
  • 08:03 woke up, checked twitter, 100 followers, checking the out i see mostly fake and suspended accounts, bah! the sheer waste of netspace... #
  • 09:15 Is there a radio that you know actually plays music? #
  • 09:47 Last day of work, tomorro Porto, after that London, where it's raining and very cold, woe is me! :P not really! #
  • 12:19 Just found out about an erotica version of DragonFlight (menage included), they're giving it for free, anyone know of more spoofed erotica? #
  • 13:06 comics.com/ this is very good still not decided on whether i prefer a daily mail of rss feed... #
  • 19:14 Getting off work now, Vacation mode is on!!!! #
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