29 October 2008

My Tweets for the day

  • 00:32 BlogPost My Tweets for the day tinyurl.com/6yeq3b #
  • 10:48 just received my C. L. Wilson books, they have a coupon inside, wow i can't remember the last time i had one of those... #
  • 10:49 and yes back at work and still sick as a dog, the worst thing is, people keep coming in and asking things of me, jeeez take it easy folks! #
  • 14:20 tinyurl.com/5u9zd2 me wants!! #
  • 14:23 Photo: They're giving away babies today! bit.ly/1y4oae #
  • 14:47 I am become Snot-Zombie!!! #
  • 15:38 socializing with a 3 month old, right now we're on the same ground intelectually #
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