05 May 2008

It's the End of the World for sure...

In his board John Byrne admits:

See, thing was, altho Chris and I worked pretty well together, we were often at odds on who the characters were. As noted, until just a short time before I left the book, he had read no issues of X-MEN other than those produced during the Thomas/Adams run, and so, while I kept trying to maintain the characters as they had been for 60+ issues, he kept trying to turn them into other people. People I largely didn’t like.
And the problem was, no matter what I drew or scribbled in my margin notes, Chris would write the characters and the scenes as he felt moved to do when the pages where in front of him — often completely changing my or even our original intent for a scene — and THAT was what was seeing print. So, if the fans were loving the X-Men — and it seemed they were! — it was Chris’ X-Men they were loving, not mine. I Chris had left instead of me, I very much doubt the book would have proved as popular as it did in the long run.
Ok, now i've truly seen everything...
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