29 April 2008

My Tweets for the day

11:17 Just droped my camera, everything seems fine but i can't stop shaking... #

11:20 Gods! It slipped, it danced in my hands, it dropped to the floor and then it bounced several times on the floor, like a pebble on water... #

11:35 Hooked the Camera to the PC, Took a few random Shots, Tried Flash, Macro, Zoom, Everything seems Fine. Trying to Relearn How to Breathe... #

11:43 tinyurl.com/6znvek hehe 0.49 Notable! :) #

11:50 Remembered the Gyroscope, seems to be working as well, the colours seem a little off I'll need sunlight for more tests... #

17:54 flickr.com/photos/escalla/sets/72157604778174381/ Sunday's Picnic Photos @ Jardim do Ultramar online! #


  1. E então, o bicho? Está a funcionar bem?

    E quanto às fotos - inveja!!

  2. Parece... vamos a ver