11 April 2008

Comic Books: The One That Hooked Me!

Gasp! You must be surprise, oh dear a blog post that's not a stupid quiz or a Twitter Update...
Entertainment Weekly just published an article named Comic Books: The One That Hooked Me! by various comic book authors.
And i just had that flashback i always have whenever i think about the subject because as hard as it appears i can pinpoint the exact one that got me really into comics.
I had come across several comics before, my cousins had tons of them everywhere and i always disregarded them as silly and complicated, until the day one of my cousins left a pile of them in my house, it was summer and i was bored so what the heck...

Uncanny X-Men 138: Elegy
(The Brazillian Portuguese Edition of course)

This is the final issue of the spectacular The Dark Phoenix Saga and it quickly summarizes the X-Men history concluding with the arrival of Kitty Pride and the departure of Cyclops.
It was like magic, in a quick read suddenly all those comics made sense, i became an X-Zombie in that precise moment.
It's something like this that Mike Carey is trying to do now in X-Men Legacy, a recap and clarification of some details of the X-Men History, but i don't think any comic that tries to retell their story will ever make as much sense as this one did, and that's why it will always be hard for new readers to start with these things...


  1. Para mim foi a conclusão da Dark Phoenix Saga, também em versão brasileira, como não podia deixar de ser, embora a primeira história que me mostrou que os "comics de superheróis" até eram mais interessantes do que pensava foi a morte da Supergirl no final da Crisis da época. É daquelas que nunca se esquecem. :)

  2. Comprei o TPB original e foi muito bom... Assim como gostei destes dois últimos: Phoenix : Endsong e Phoenix : Warsong.

  3. Gostei mais do Endsong do que do Warsong...
    achei o ultimo mais desnecessário, vamos agora ver como é que a Marvel vai tratar o regresso da Phoenix que pelo aspecto está para breve...