24 January 2008

Series Update

On Series i was currently addicted to the Anime Darker than Black, it's really very good, better than Ergo Proxy, thanks B. for making me watch it (and therefore making me waste a whole Sunday and most of the nights of this week).
It's really worth a watch, it was a while since any anime character really interested me (i just loved Mao) and i thoroughly enjoyed the plot, characters and the outcome, according to Wiki they're launching an OVA to wrap up some loose threads from the series, i'll wait anxiously for that. But don't let that stop you from checking out the series as the ending is satisfying.
On other series i was loaned Six Feet Under, but only watched about 4 episodes because i can't watch it while knitting. I like the series but i can tell i'll take my time watching it.
I've also been trying to see Deadwood (hey i like westerns) but that thing is worst than The West Wing, you definitely need captions and your full attention, but i really like it.
To have something to see while knitting i decided to start watching Battlestar Galactica (the new version), i had already briefly watched a few episodes and sadly trying to watch it more closely still bores the hell out of me, the characters are just so pathetic, i mean all of them... sigh... I'll struggle to the end of the season, but that's it...
So i need something to watch while knitting, any suggestions?


  1. Farscape é engraçado, se te sentires com vontade de ver algum sci-fi com um flavor muito próprio, e ainda não a conheceres.
    O www.stage6.com tem seasons completas da série disponíveis em streaming com boa qualidade, pelo que, espreitar os primeiros episódios é fácil e rápido.

  2. hmmm já há muito tempo que conhecia Farscape só de nome, mas a desilusão de BSG é tanta que estou já a atacar
    também acho que sou a ultima pessoa do mundo a perceber que há assim uns elementos comuns ás ultimas seasons de SG1 e Farscape (hehehe eu curto bué a Vala)