22 January 2008

Movie Updates

For entertainment i've been real low as well, although i am excited because in the coming weeks i can already tell i want to go see 3 movies (Cloverfield, Darjeeling Limited, Sweeney Todd) and that's good because even though i list my movie seeings i think i'd really be pressed to find a good one among the ones i've seen recently, we must have had the worst holiday movies ever...

Edit: Just remembered, i liked Cassandra's Dream it was way better than Scoop (not hard to accomplish) and imho better than MatchPoint (that i never really liked but i usually remain silent because i was prejudiced about it), i think getting rid of Scarlett was a real improvement, in fact by the end of the movie i was so impressed by Colin that i swore i'd never speak badly of him again, i might change my mind if i happen across any of his other movies though, because counting this one, it's the 2nd movie where i like him (he shows up in Minority Report in 5 minutes total so it doesn't count, yes i liked it despite Tom Cruise, the other movie in case you were wondering is Phone Booth).

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