14 June 2007

Just Seen: Ergo Proxy

Ergo Proxy by Manglobe

Romdo is a dome-shaped city in which humans and robots coexist. It is a “paradise where emotions are not required,” and everything is completely controlled and regulated. Re-l Mayer, a young female inspector from the Civilian Intelligence Office, is pursuing a mysterious murderer in this paradise city. A strange message heralding the “Awakening” appears in her house just seconds before she is brutally attacked by a deformed phantom. Who was that phantom that attacked her and who was that individual who intervened on her behalf? The mystery ends up wrapped within another mystery that interweaves into a dark spiral, and a metaphysical battle cry lures Re-l away from the safety of her city and into the desolated land beyond.

I started seeing this one with B., i had never heard of it, and apparently it is not well known.
This is a short series, only being 23 30 minute episodes long, and quite quick to see.
Veredict: I hadn't been as entranced in a anime series since Neon Genesis Evangelion and although it loses a bit of steam in the final episodes and even starts to get a little confusing (specially in the 2 last episodes), those 5 minutes at the end not only save the series but also explain a lot, i definitely recommend it, even to non-anime lovers.

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