25 June 2007

Home Alone

I'm back from Oporto, had a lovely weekend, will post some of the photos here later.
My parents left for the South of Spain, so i'll be home alone for a whole week (well there's the cat). My parents rarely spend time away from home, so this is rather special.
I returned yesterday to a rather silent (sad even) house, the downside of having an extremely sociable cat is that she misses the people, she's not as unbearable as my parents say she is when i'm not home (apparently she keeps them up all night) but she is depressed, which on a 15 year old cat is really upsetting. I've been keeping her company as best i can, she's even more needy than usual...
On the other hand, it's not that i miss my parents, i know they're having a great time, i actually didn't hear from them for 2 days, lol they were that engrossed. But the house really does look like it's missing something.
But it is nice to have the whole place to myself and not answer to anyone (well again there's the cat being extra needy, but that doesn't really count). I tried this morning to be extra disorganized and leave everything a mess, and only succeeded in leaving a half-made bed, more books spread on the floor and some items thrown on the bed, i just couldn't have left everything that out of place, but shush, if my mom knows this i'll never hear the end of it, let her think the house is a pigsty while she's away, or she'll annoy me even more about my room...


  1. A menina foi desafiada, é favor ir ao meu blogue ;-)

  2. If you gave no news for two days after travelling, you would be in trouble, but parents, oh, they feel no guilt over not giving any news :p Eheh, take the chance to scold them for it :)

    and tadinha da gatinha, bjs