05 May 2007

May Comics

One of the reasons for the Reading Nightmare is the fact that i have been reading a lot of comics lately, i restarted last year and am as addicted as ever, as soon as i restarted i vowed i would try to keep a log of my purchases but have so far failed to do so, this i my attempt at trying to keep a reading journal of my comics.

  • X-Men #197 - I only noticed Mike Carey was writing this book very recently, allow me to say that if this is representative of his work i am not impressed, it's not that the comic is bad, it just taste of overdone, it reminds me of the Australia phase of the X-Men (and the X-Treme Version as well for that matter).
    The whole "we're the outcasts from the outcasts" doesn't really work anymore.
  • Punisher #46 - To Be Read.
  • Uncanny X-Men #485 - Yawn!! I just can't wait for this whole plot to conclude. This is supposed to be very important and all, but i just couldn't care less...
  • Chronicles of Wormwood #2 - This series continues to be very good as usual, Garth is one of my favourites but sometimes he can get really nasty, i actually opened the comic and closed it again when i started reading it this month, the first page is a real eye opener, i'll be sure to "tune" myself before opening one of his comics again.
  • Walk In #1 - The series is interesting, i might pick it up as a trade...
  • Wolverine #52 - To Be Read.
  • X-Factor #17 - This series started out very good, but it was kinda lost for the last few issues, this one was a good one on the sense that it finally got the storyline back on track, so next comic should be good, let's hope...
  • Exiles #92 - Exiles #91 didn't come in this month so reading this one is delayed until April.
  • Guy Ritchie's Gamekeeper #1 - After completing the first arc of Seven Brothers i decided to pick a few more Virgin Comics editions, because i really like their concept (an Indian culture inspired comic company) and i hope it grows, so far i've been staying away from the "Shakti Line" in the hope that there will be paperbacks in the future.
    Gamekeeper though is not indian inspired, it's part of their "Director's Cut" line, and it's based on a concept developed by Guy Ritchie. This will be a 10 issues limited series (divided by 2 story arcs), the first issue is just a warm-up but i liked it enough and have decided to buy the rest.
  • New Excalibur #18 - I'm probably dropping this as soon as possible.
  • New X-Men #37 - I was going to drop this comic, didn't like it one bit. But then i found they were returning one of my favourite characters Magik and changing artist so i decided to stay on a few more numbers, this is just the prelude in The Quest for Magik storyline but so far i like it, the pages by Niko Henrichon were well worth it alone, and contrary to others i do like Skottie Young's art better in this comic, it's not that Paco Medina's work is bad, he just didn't show the fact that these are teenager kids enough, the kids always looked like short adults to me before.
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