06 July 2006

MuttsComics Survey

Recently MuttsComics.com made a survey about who read Mutts, this is the result:
"So, what do we have here? Well, our typical fan might be a married woman, 39 years of age, professionally employed with a college degree. She owns a cat, is twice as likely to be reading a book as playing a video game, and she simply adores Mooch. When she’s not reading Mutts, she likes Peanuts and For Better or For Worse."
See the full article here.
Hmm let's see! Not married, at least 10 years younger, no college degree and i don't really follow those other strips...
Oh well, i'll leave this post here to remind me to do a future post of what i do read regularly.


  1. Bah. Uma ova. E o Earl é o verdadeiro herói dos Mutts.

  2. Bem... estou bem pertinho dos 30... ainda não tenho 1 gato mas está nas top priorities para quando tiver uma casinha só minha... e não leio as outras coisas ;) E viva a Sandra que me apresentou os mutts. Já pensei chamar ao gato Mooch mas isso seria pouco criativo pelo que quando o tiver vai-se chamar Shmoo :D