10 July 2006

Genesis - Jesus He Knows me

Apparently this music video is quite obscure. I'm honestly surprised because i've known it for a very long time.
I love music videos, during my teenage years i'd compile entire VHS tapes of music videos (i wonder where they are now). Well i'm going to start putting here some of my favourite music videos from time to time.


  1. Well i was at a dinner and was the only one not only familiar with the song but also the video.
    I always assumed this was widely known but apparently it's not...

  2. I know the song, the video, and the album.
    But then again, I like Phil Collins and Genesis. :)

  3. I know it too. And like it! :)

  4. I know the song and video as well. Very strange...

    When you said obscure I though the video had some hidden meaning!