21 June 2006

Penguin Epics

Everybody knows i have a soft-heart for Penguin, but how can you possibly not love such a publisher!! Not only do they print all our favourite books in cheap and highly portables editions, but they are also trying something new everyday.
This here is yet another example Penguin Epics in their own words:
"This May, we're going back to our roots with Penguin Epics: twenty short tales of human adventure, legend and myth. These epics depict the most extreme acts of heroism, ambition, bravery and violence, revealing mankind's most profound aspirations and deepest fears."
And if that doesn't convince you go look at those gorgeous covers (trust me they look a LOT better in presence, they actually shine, all of them)
Oh! Sigh! if only i had room for books at home...

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