23 June 2006

Dice Weirdos

I have a dice problem, true, i love and collect dice, but only those who have played with me know about my Dice Karma, oh yes, dice do have a Karma, and a very strong one at that.
The folks over at the D&D Website wrote an article exactly concerning that subject:
"Iconic to D&D are its strange, oddly-shaped dice. And so today, we look at this crucial element of the game—specifically, at the practice (some call it a science, others an art) of rolling these dice. We all have our rituals, superstitions and beliefs. In today’s column, we reveal dice rolling “secrets” from inside the halls of R&D and WotC, and invite you to share your own."
Continued here.
Also they ask that other players around the world share their dice stories and rituals, please contact them at: dndcolumn@wizards.com