12 June 2006

Colourfull Cats

Quite some time ago i came upon this artist on Flickr! Her name is Janey and i was immediately impressed by her kitty pictures without knowing that they were inspired by a departing friend, the much missed Leo. I was also impressed by how she was able to share Leo with the world even after he left us. Truly Leo has proven that all cats are orange, and that our furry friends will always be with us to inspire us :). Go and check out her art, and get to know Leo, you won't be disappointed.
You'll see why today i was so impressed when i got at work and saw those pics, my very own love of my life forever captured in brown. Click the above picture (read the poem, it actually made me shed a tear!!)

and lavender, who knew she was lavender!!
Thank you so much Janey!!!


  1. ok, not a cat person, mas esse gato é lindo e a arte fabulosa

  2. Oh how nice of you to post these. You can never tell what inspires you. For me it was a little orange cat. And I must admit, not all cats have to be orange.